BIAVA GESTIONI SRL works in Italy in the province of Bergamo, Brescia and Milano.

We also work in Iseo and Garda lake areas.

We offer our special & custom made service to:

  • Italians who live abroad and need someone who takes care of their properties in Italy
  • Foreigners who want to invest in Italian reale estate.

We can be your trusted person for all your needs regarding your real estate in Italy.

We take care of your property in all its aspect through our administrative, assistance, promotion, estimate & maintainance services.


If you have got properties to rent or rented and you have no time to manage all the tasks and duties, we will do it for you.

Thanks to the experience gained, our team can help you in everyday's procedures and needs.

We can be your representation in owner's assembly, set up direct debit bills, file documents, manage your building, give assistance in tax aspects and procedures.

Building renovation works can be cheaper thanks to Italian tax allowances, right choices and procedures.

BIAVA GESTIONI SRL deals with all these tax aspects.

Moreover, we can suggest you the best companies in construction and renovation and we assure our supervision in the construction site.

We also give expert appraisal of the building and suggest actions to increase the value.

We assist our customers in managing the Insurance Refund of their damage building due to atmosphere events.

Biava Marcello is registered in FNA since 2017.

In our office there is a CAF professional dealing with tax assistance, income declaration (730 form), ISE-ISEE declaration, etc.


Our services are for anyone who needs to manage a single condominium, apartment complex, group of business and commercial buildings.

We are very trustworthy and experienced in technical, administrative, fiscal and legal services.

We use the latest professional software and instruments to manage, file and protect our customer's data.

Documents are available in login area using username and password.

With reference to the building works we manage, we assure that all our suppliers must respect safety and insurance rules.

Supervision in construction site is guaranteed.

Our emergency service offers quick and professional solutions any time.