For private citizens and real estate companies

Geom. Biava Marcello, a surveyor, in continuos training, is registered in “associazione Gesticond”#579.


BIAVA GESTIONI srl works in Italy in the province of Bergamo, Brescia and Milano. We also work in Iseo and Garda lake areas.

We offer this special & custom made service to:

  • Italians who live abroad and need someone who takes care of their properties in Italy
  • Foreigners who want to invest in Italian reale estate.

Our customers are private citizens or companies who have one or more properties in a block of flats, commercial or business building complex, even in more than one building.

Our very skilled team guarantees privacy and precision in all our procedures.

Our mission is to be your trusted person for all your needs regarding your real estate in Italy.

We take care of your property in all its aspect: administrative, assistance, promotion, estimate & maintainance services.

All messages and communication are in English.

The services we offer, all covered by insurance, are:

  • a representation in owners'assembly;
  • a continuous relationship with the administrative office;
  • an appraisal of the property, and a suggestion to improve its value and efficiency;
  • building maintenance works, help, control on works inside the property;
  • management of renovation and efficiency improvement works (documents settlement, scouting among the best companies in constrution and renovation, a supervision in the construction site;
  • tax assistance and procedures;
  • the management of insurance refund due to atmosphere events;
  • direct debit bills;
  • documents filing;
  • rental management;
  • new tenants research.


Get in touch for further information and ask our best offer.