Geom. Biava Marcello, a surveyor, in continuos training, is registered in “associazione Gesticond” #579.

BIAVA GESTIONI srl works in Italy in the province of Bergamo, Brescia and Milano. We also work in Iseo and Garda lake areas.

Our CUSTOMERS are private citizens, condominium and companies.

We deal with each kinds of real estate (very small or big blocks & commercial complex ones too).

The services we offer, all covered by insurance, are:

Comdominium Accounting
  • Suppliers' invoice recording
  • The arrangement of due MAV
  • The writing of condominium balance sheet and all its attachments
  • The writing of a monthly accounting report
  • The arrangement of a new condo procedure
Condominium management
  • The writing of condominium regulations, written in foreign language as well
  • The writing and inspection of each owner's quota
  • A countinuos supplier scouting to improve services and get the costs lower.
Tax aspects
  • The writing and data transmission of F24
  • The writing and data transmission of 770
  • Suppliers' invoice recording
  • The writing and data transmission of Certificazione Unica
  • The writing of Quadro AC for the administrator
  • Fiscal collection procedures (fiscal deduction).
Debt collection and legal procedures
  • Overdue payment reminder
  • Legal aid
  • Relationship with official receiver.
Problem solving
  • Problem solving procedure
  • Immediate building maintenance works
  • Relationships with the insurance company and the office for the report;
  • Customer assitance
Relationship with the condominium
  • An yearly check
  • Free consultation/advice
  • A continuous relationship with the suppliers
  • A continuous relationship with the public administration
  • Common parts implementation rules and services
  • Implementation of the assembly approval
  • Management of the orders for building maintenance works (ordinary and extraordinary) according to Italian law

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  • The condominium tax code
  • The condominium insurance policy
  • The notices to the owners
  • The suppliers list
  • Payment update and each owner's quota cost.


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Professione esercitata ai sensi della Legge 14 gennaio 2013, n.4 (G.U. N. 22 del 26/01/2013)